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Children are more susceptible to parasitic infestations in their body, but numerous grownups can have parasites in their intestines too.

This is a big issue which might have major effects on our health if left without treatment. Medical professionals typically prescribe medications that need to eliminate the worms, but although primarily successful, most of them have unfavorable side-effects as well.THE MAIN SYMPTOMS OF PARASITIC INFECTIONS IN THE INTESTINES ARE:

  • swollen belly
  • bad breath
  • belching or flatulence after meal
  • loss of appetite
  • vomiting
  • itching at the anus
  • mucus or blood in the stool
  • swelling at eye level, migraine

People also give cravings by eating foods such as white bread, sugar and products containing sugar, vinegar, acidic foods like lemons, among others.


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