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Palmistry, or hand reading, is an ancient art, the roots of which have been traced back several thousand years to India. Its believed to have been born from Hindu astrology and was first written about when it was mentioned in the Chinese book the I Ching. Palmistry quickly spread all over Asia and Europe, whereupon Aristotle took an interest in it and passed the knowledge on to Alexander the Great. He used it often to judge the character of his officers and closely read the lines of their palms.

Line one – Health

This line warrants the most consideration as it tells you how healthy you are and how good life will be in that regard. If the line is deeply cut and doesn’t break anywhere, it means that you are blessed with longevity and good health. If it looks fragile, it is a sign that you need to change the way you live and try to be healthier. If there are many brakes, you might struggle with infertility.

Line two – riches

The first two lines are often very similar in the way they look. The second line signifies wealth and tells you how far you’ll go in your chosen career. If the line is deeply cut and does not curve, you have riches in store for you. If it is broken in places you might be hard up financially.

Line three – Societal standing

Not many have this line and for those who do, it tells you how influential you are in society. If it is clearly visible and straight, it means that you have a good deal of influence in your circles. You are well respected and you hold a good position in society.

Line four – Longevity and abundance

Only a blessed few have this line and they can be sure of leading long and prosperous lives. They will be there to view great events that will change the world. These people are strong willed and will leave a great legacy behind them.

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