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If you use this Hair mask in regularly with this ingredients your hair grows inch by inch every month and you can see the growth of your hair truly. This hair mask will fulfill your dream you will be one of the beauty women among your friends circle.

The Best Ingredients for Hair Growth.

Castor Oil

Castor oil involving in hair regrowth and best home remedy for hair loss. Castor oil consist of anti fungal and antibacterial properties to cure infections in you scalp.

Castor oil Benefits

  • Boost up your hair growth very faster
  • Makes your hair very soft and less frizzy and healthier.
  • Stops hair breakage and decrease split ends
  • Keeps your scalp very healthy.
  • This will Make your hair dandruff free.
  • This will keep your scalp very cleans and stops from hair damage
  • Help to increase volume of your hair
  • Re grow your hair very smooth and strengthen

Egg Yolk

Most of the people using egg yolk for treat the weak hair and for hair loss. Egg yolk is loaded with the vitamins and biotin and folate its used to make your hair more resistant to damage.

Egg Yolk Benefits

  • Develop Hair Elasticity
  • Cure Hair Damage
  • Make your hair very shine and strong
  • control Hair Breakage and hair loss
  • Helps to Increase Hair Growth


Honey is present in all home remedies to cure most of the health and beauty complaints. Honey help to retain moisture in your hair and maintaining it conditioned. It will prevent hair breakage.

This mixture of egg and honey will help fighting for dandruff and make your hair strong and encourage hair growth and strong and  nourish nourished hair

Honey Benefits

  • Stops Hair damaging by its Rich antioxidant properties
  • Sterile the hair follicles by removes impurities.
  • Remove dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Encourage hair re-growth from dormant follicles.
  • Keeps your scalp and hair healthy and strong.
  • Cure scalp infections
  • Decrease hair fall.

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