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Your liver is a powerhouse.

It’s busy 24 hours a day, filtering out toxins, helping with digestion, creating energy from the fuel you eat, and working with your immune system to get rid of invaders that might make you sick.

Pay Attention to the Signs of an Unhealthy Liver

Located just on the right side of your abdomen under your rib cage, the liver is at the epicenter of most of your important metabolic and enzymatic activities.

8 Common Unhealthy Liver Symptoms

1. Yellow skin

The liver is responsible for breaking down hemoglobin. Red blood cells which have outlived their utility are filtered out by the liver and broken down.

2. Fatigue

The liver is the body’s storehouse of energy, maintaining a healthy balance of glycogen to cater for energy demand in case blood sugar levels start dipping.

3. Weakness

A similar issue to the one causing fatigue as it involves the energy-creating function of the liver, weakness might also be a sign something is awry.


When it comes to weakness, however, it could be a result of a depletion of protein and fat stores.

4. Decreased Appetite

Most people suffering from liver ailments, especially those with alcoholic liver disease and end-stage hepatic failure, have a loss of appetite because of tumor necrotic factors and circulating cytokines in the blood.

5. Easy Bruising and Bleeding

As mentioned earlier, the liver has a very important function in producing numerous blood clotting factors, providing the first line of defense for the body against minor bruises and injuries.

6. Spider Veins

Spider veins — or spider nevus — are a type of swollen blood vessel found beneath the skin. They typically look like a central red spot with wavy red lines radiating outwards, giving an appearance of a spider web. Almost 10 to 15 percent adults have spider veins, but they gain significance when there are more than three.


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