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She stopped obsessing over her weight

Rose weighs herself every day to make sure she is maintaining a balanced weight, but she’s careful not to fixate on the number as a measure of self worth.

“It became more about doing things that made me feel good, like listening to my body more, and less about the number on the scale driving my day-to-day choices,” she explains.

She does what she enjoys

Rose says she never forces herself to go on fad diets or eat foods that don’t resonate with her. She lists off all the trends she’s heard about over the last decade — from diets like Paleo, to the ketogenic diet, to intermittent fasting.

She learned to identify as a healthy person

For most of her life, Rose had been overweight. Since the age of 12, she tried every diet — from Atkins to Weight Watchers, but nothing seemed to work. By her 20s, she had simply come to see herself as an overweight person.

She says losing the weight and keeping it off “feels good.”

“At the same time,” Rose adds, “it’s still a lot of work every day, but I don’t resent it because I enjoy the way I eat, I enjoy the exercises I do.”

Smart weight-loss strategies to borrow

  • Use the “50 percent” rule: At every meal, make sure at least half your plate is filled with produce.
  • Use the scale wisely: Weigh yourself regularly to keep an eye on your weight, but don’t look at the number as a measure of your self worth.
    Do what you love: Don’t force yourself to do workouts or eat foods that you hate. When you adopt positive lifestyle habits that bring you joy, living a healthier lifestyle is easy.
    Change the way you see yourself: Learn to see yourself as someone who values and enjoys a healthy lifestyle.

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