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In a culture where there’s a pill or procedure to fix just about anything, the idea of healing simply through touch seems strange. But when you think about it, we subconsciously use the principles of acupressure all the time. When you whack your funny bone, the first instinct you have is to touch the area that hurts.

Number 10: Below the Clavicle

LU-1 or Lung 1, as its known, is said to connect strongly to the lungs, heart, spleen, and brain. Its located just under the clavicle.

Acupressurists consider it a collection point for all the energy of the lungs. That’s why its also called the ‘Central Treasury’, because it descends along whats known as the lung meridian. It’s clinical usages involve treating any ailments related to the chest and upper back.

Number 9: Center of the Breastbone

This point is located in the center of your breastbone. Its known as the ‘Sea of Tranquility’. It helps you find an emotional balance by reducing stress.

Number 8: Below the Belly-Button

Like a gentle massage for the digestive system, CV-6 or Conception Vessel 6, located just below your belly button. It reduces constipation and bloating while increasing sexual energy. Referred to as the ‘Sea of Energy’ this point can be accessed by positioning the forefinger along the line below the navel. Apply continuous pressure there for around 2 minutes.

Number 7: Top of the Foot

On the top of the foot where the bones of the big toe and second toe meet is the ‘Great Surge’. Its a point known for its powerful stress releasing abilities.

Number 6: Between the Thumb and Index Finger

One of the most important pressure points runs along the large intestine meridian, a.k.a the ‘Adjoining Valley’. Along it is LI-4, or Large Intestine 4 which is notorious for headache relief, but also relaxes muscle tension and regulates bowel functions.

Number 5: Elbow Crease

This point is used to ease digestion while calming any sensitivity in your arm, shoulder, or elbow. LI-11 or Large Intestine 11, located on the outer crease of the elbow, is part of the large intestine channel. It’s appropriately titled ‘Pool at the Bend’ based on its physical location along the meridian.

Number 4: On the Sacrum

Several areas on the Urinary Bladder Meridian make up the Baliao points, located in conjunction at the base of the spine. Use your fingers to touch the four hollow spots on the sacrum and apply steady pressure there for a couple of minutes.

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